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Faqs – Freighting and Shipping Frequently asked questions.

At Cargomax International, we deal with clients of all sizes, including those that ship cargo around the world and across North America on a regular basis. That being said, our services are also used by clients who don’t have any experience with freight and are often confused by the industry jargon used and the available services.

Answers to some of the more common questions about freighting and shipping can be found below. If you want to find out more about any topic, however, including issues not included in this FAQ section, please contact us today. It is free to call us and there is always an expert available to give you the advice, help, or support that you need.


What is RoRo?

RoRo is a term that is often used to describe a method of transporting vehicles. It stands for Roll on/Roll off, and literally means transporting cargo that will roll onto a ship and then roll off again at the destination. It is used for almost any type of vehicle or machine on wheels, including cars, trucks, trailers, trains, plant machinery and more. In addition, RoRo is available as a method of shipping vehicles in just about every port in the world.

The alternative to RoRo is to put vehicles into containers and then use cranes to lift them on and off vessels. This is much more labor-intensive, however, making it a costlier way to ship vehicles. It also takes longer. With RoRo, ramps are all you need to save money.


What is a breakbulk service?

A breakbulk service is used to transport breakbulk cargo. This is cargo that cannot be transported in a standard container. This doesn’t apply to oversized or overweight cargo, however, as that is called over-dimensional cargo. Breakbulk cargo is different in that it is the nature of the cargo, rather than the size or weight, that exempts it from being transported in a normal container. Examples of breakbulk cargo include goods being transported in barrels or casks, or goods transported as bales.

As this is a specialized type of freighting service, you should use a company with experience dealing with breakbulk cargo, such as Cargomax International. We offer a comprehensive and dependable breakbulk service for any and all of your good, regardless of their nature.

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